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Junkosha launches new millimetre wave interconnect for next generation wireless communication and future radar applications

European Microwave Week 2018
Interconnect pioneers unveil latest phase stable cabling solution at European Microwave Week 2018

European Microwave Week 2018 stand number: 30

As the move to 5G accelerates the requirement for more advanced ‘phase stable’ interconnects, Junkosha has launched its latest mmWave cabling solution, the MWX071, in a bid to go beyond the 70 GHz barrier, a unique capability in the marketplace. Designed for applications including faster wireless communications and military radar, Junkosha’s latest interconnect provides Vector Network Analyser (VNA) manufacturers with the capability to test very high-frequency networks that are at the heart of today’s highly sophisticated systems.

With this latest mmWave interconnect, Junkosha is continuing its move to design solutions that will meet the higher frequency demands of tomorrow’s 5G networks. Available with ruggedized NMD connector assemblies to deliver reliable and robust connections to the VNA, this new interconnect solution adds further breadth to the 5G oriented MWX0 series. Featuring characteristics including high tensile strength, a low dielectric constant and high flex life thanks to Junkosha’s precision engineered expanded-PTFE tape wrapping technology, this new interconnect meets the need for a future proof, highest quality cabling solution.

“The demand for mmWave frequencies is only going to increase as 5G gets ever closer to becoming a reality,” explains Masaru Omoto, Product Manager for Junkosha. “As we all know, 5G and high-speed data applications are now driving innovation. For those familiar with the ‘Secret of Junkosha’, it will be no surprise that we are continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of high frequency interconnects. A key enabler is our expertise and pedigree in expanded-PTFE tape wrapping, which has allowed us to deliver flexible phase stable cables that endure.”

European Microwave Week is the largest trade show dedicated to microwaves and RF in Europe. Including in excess of 300 international exhibitors, the event provides visitors with an opportunity to review and discuss next generation technology developments with relevant and interested parties such as academics, professionals and leading industry figureheads. It also offers a forum for discussing trends and exchanging scientific and technical information. The event is being held at the Ifema Feria De Madrid in Spain from 23rd to 28th September. For more information, click on http://www.eumweek.com/.

For more information on Junkosha’s precision engineered MWX range, click on https://www.junkosha-mwx.com/


This release has been issued on behalf of Junkosha by Kredo Consulting Ltd. For further information please contact Andy Parker on andy@kredoconsulting.com or +44 (0) 1242 650573 or Steve Thomas on phil@kredoconsulting.com or +44 (0)1242 650574.

About Junkosha

Junkosha are pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across many sectors including microwave interconnect and medical devices. Operating from three centres in Japan, including its headquarters, the company also has sites in the US, UK and China. Junkosha has built a formidable reputation and it is one of the best kept advanced technology secrets outside of Japan. The company provides wire and cable products, featuring microwave interconnects, robot cables, high data rate cables, camera link cable assemblies, ultrafine coaxial cables and assemblies, cables for clean environments, and general wires and cables. It also provides tube and fitting products, including generic resin tubes, fluoropolymer tubes, high-barrier tubes, flexible multi-layered tubes, industrial hoses, degassing modules, heat-shrinkable tubes, and the market leading peelable heat shrink tubes.

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