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Corporate philosophy

Junkosha’s meaning of its existence is to provide the opportunities to live meaningfully and satisfyingly to our employees and contribute to the  prosperity of our society by providing “unsurpassed value”. In order to realize this, we  are constantly training our employees, since we are considering that the quality and environment of our employees is the essential matter. We are trying to develop a highly capable workforce—one focused on innovation and unbounded progress and driven by a passion to take on new challenges. At the same time, our workforce must act independently while bearing their responsibilities, setting a high value on teamwork, and having respect for the individuals. We are striving to build an advanced human resource network that looks toward the future society and that of human resource development.We will create advanced network that is appropriate for our future society and human recourse development, such as pleasant and safe workplace, fair and legal company management and  environmental-friendly activities.

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