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Business policies: A commitment to customers

1. As a manufacturer specializing in fluorocarbon polymers and high-performance polymer products, we undertake groundbreaking work in polymer molding, compounding, and reforming technologies at all times.

2. We will provide very profitable business to humanities and societies as a technology company that will pursue niche market that no one can challenge or reach on the wire, tube film and molded products field.

3. Not only challenging to produce the good quality, quick delivery and low cost business, but also we are aiming to obtain customer satisfaction by supplying high function, high quality and high durability products.

4. Our activities are based on fairness and equality, safety and security, environmental friendly, and efficient resource use. We also devote careful attention to the needs of society in areas such as environmental protection, disaster prevention and mitigation, respect for human rights, and strict compliance with laws and regulations.

5. We will focus on sustaining our good relationships with our customers, manufacturing made in Japan high quality and safe products, building global support network from where we can serve nearby.

6. We provide satisfaction to our customers by establishing production and logistics systems that ensure business continuity under any contingencies, based on a thoroughgoing consideration of potential accidents and disasters.

Established November 2014

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