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CSR Activity Guidelines

1. Delivering high-quality products and accurate information

We pledge to provide reliable, high-quality products that reflect the principles of safety and peace of mind, all while meeting the needs of our customers. We will also work to ensure the accuracy of all information related to these products.
Furthermore, we are making an effort to recognize and to refrain from violating the intellectual property rights of other parties and to take fair and adequate measures to protect our own.

2. Sincere response

In the event of accidents involving the products or services we provide, we pledge to respond quickly and in good faith to minimize damages and prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

3. Fair trade

We pledge to observe the laws and regulations in Japan and other foreign countries, make an effort to sustain fair and transparent transactions  and sound relationships with all our business partners, and conduct free and fair market completion.

4. Avoiding conflicts of interest

We pledge to refrain from circumstances associated with self-serving or third-party interests that may conflict with the interests of the Company. We shall take in mind to administer company’s property adequately.

5. A resolute stand against antisocial forces

We resolve to squarely confront antisocial forces and other organizations that threaten the safety and order of our civil society and never to take any actions that may strengthen their activities.

6. Building safe, healthy workplace environments based on respect for diversity; acting to prevent forced and child labor

employment, such as forced and child labor, not depending on domestic or oversea market. We will never have business relations with those kind of companies.

7. Appropriate accounting and tax payment

We will undertake suitable accounting measures and pay our share of corporate taxes in full compliance with the relevant laws, regulations, and internal rules, thereby ensuring financial report that meets the highest ethical standards in Japan and worldwide.

8. Appropriate information management

We will handle important information, such as cooperate data, personal data with enough appropriate care for confidentiality, on basis of all laws and our internal rules.

9. Consideration for the environment

To ensure sustained future progress for both our company and society at large, we pledge to take the environment into consideration in all our business activities.

Established February 2011

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