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Information security

In addition to using the Company intranet to improve the convenience with which information assets are deployed, we are currently implementing comprehensive information security measures to prevent information leaks, unauthorized data modification, and damage to computer systems caused by computer viruses.

Information security management system

Every organization that promote the information security control has been improving security control situation, observing PDCA cycles definitely.

We are trying to maintain our information security situation always in order, building and operating  information security system which is mostly utilized by information security committee. They are analyzing current situation, finding some tasks, solving some problems and inspecting about our information security all year round. In addition to disclosing information such as the content of information security activities and their records via the intranet, thereby ensuring that our all staffs understand the issues involved, we implement regular training to maintain and improve our staff’s information security knowledge.

Measures to prevent information leaks

We have established the Information Security Management Rules and the Information Society Management Standards to address the handling of confidential information. Various standards address measures such as the retention, storage, and disposal of documents and other materials. Based on a clear understanding of the importance of privacy in today’s information society, we take steps to confirm that all our employees and other related parties involved in handling personal information thoroughly understand the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy itself is based on laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, as well as other relevant standards. The Information Security Committee performs internal audits as part of efforts to monitor compliance status. Furthermore, we are continuously improving these regulations, reviewing them at any time as required.

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