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Healthcare and Medical Products

As medical technology diversifies and grows increasingly sophisticated, Junkosha’s fluoropolymer products have found wide use in clinical applications. Since greater accuracy always a critical issue for medical diagnostic equipment, Junkosha supplies ultrafine coaxial cables for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and endoscopes and for MRI coils. In the area of therapy equipment, Junkosha’s products contribute to advances in the catheter components used in endovascular treatment systems. Junkosha also provides injection-molded parts for syringes and surgical knives, as well as tubes for blood testing apparatus and dialyzers.


Environment and Energy

Efforts are currently underway around the world to address numerous environmental and energy-related issues. These include effective energy use, the development and diffusion of renewal energy, efforts to reduce environmentally hazardous substances, and efforts to prevent environmental contamination. By supplying innovative products that feature the unique properties conferred by fluoropolymers, Junkosha supports various efforts in areas related to energy and the environment. Examples include sensor systems that protect the environment from contamination due to liquid leaks and heat exchangers capable of improving energy efficiency in factories. Making the most of the remarkable weather-, corrosion-, and chemical- resistant characteristics provided by fluoropolymers, Junkosha continues to develop original products for use in energy plants and for other applications.


Information and Communications

Computing advances continue to swell the demand for digitization, while changes in transmission methods make differential transmission lines more important than ever before. Data transfer volumes continue to grow year after year. Junkosha has developed reliable transmission lines for high bit rate differential signals. In the wireless communication and telecommunications fields, in response to the development of advanced microwave and millimeter wave communication systems, Junkosha develops fluoropolymer-based products for high-frequency applications that offer outstanding electrical characteristics in the high frequency range.


Ocean and Aerospace

The parts and devices used in airplanes, rockets, ground control equipment, and rocket launching facilities require extreme reliability. Junkosha’s products are used in the electronic devices and internal wiring of the Hayabusa asteroid explorer launched by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), as well as in rockets, satellites, airplanes, and ships.


Precision Machinery and Robots

Demand is growing for functional parts that solve many technical issues for precision machines and robots, including the semiconductor manufacturing equipment that produce ultra-large-scale integration (ULSI) semiconductor devices at high packaging densities at high speed and pick-up robots that perform extremely small reciprocal operations repeatedly several hundred million times. In response to growing demand in areas related to precision machinery, Junkosha develops and sells functional parts that offer new functionality, taking advantage of the low outgassing properties, release characteristics, and mechanical strength of fluoropolymers and drawing on different polymers to produce alloys and composite materials.


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