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Flat cables

Flat cable consists of numbers of insulated wires arranged in parallel and saves weight and space. Flat cables have developed to meet customer needs in minimizing electronic/ equipment and high-density wiring. Reduction of misconnection and accurate wire termination contributes to reduce the operating costs.


  • The flat form disperse loads on the cables so that cables maintain excellent cut through resistance, friction resistance, and elasticity
  • Suitable for high- density wiring and weight saving wiring
  • As the wires are arranged in parallel, wiring risk will be considerably reduced.
  • Terminal connection can be achieved with great ease and accuracy, raises productivity and reduce costs
  • High thermal diffusivity allows high electrical current operation
  • Fluoropolymer insulation provides excellent signal transmitting properties and reduce attenuation and crosstalk
  • Outstanding flexibility superior flex life
  • JUNFLON® PTFE flat cable is inflammable and resistant up to 200°C Special types are available for pressure welding(IDC), flexible, and signaltransmission applications
  • Blue–line PVC flat cables have been specially developed to meet customer needs in pressure welding applications to simplify terminal connections dramatically

Intended Use

  • Inter and intra connections of electrical and electronic/electrical equipments and space appliances

JUNFLON® Coaxial Multi Flat Cable


  • JUNFLON® coaxial multi flat cable, consists of numbers of coaxial cables, which are spaced apart at a certain distance and arranged in parallel. The coaxial cables are fused together at a certain interval in the length direction.
    The special connector is available which eliminates the risk of wiring error in high-density wiring mounting

Woven cables

Woven cables are flat cables consist of hook up single wires, twisted wires, or stranded wires that are laid in parallel and woven together by polypropylene weft. Terminal process is achieved by general stripper thus woven cables can be assembled with semiconductor substrate, square connectors, and round connectors.


  • Excellent of mechanical strength such as cut through resistance, frictional resistance, and elasticity
  • Remarkably flexible enables wiring with small bending radius
  • The flat form contributes to high-density wiring, lightweight and wiring along wall
  • High thermal diffusivity allows high electrical current operation
  • Excellent transmitting properties of electrical signal
  • Fluoropolymer insulation provides excellent electrical properties, mechanical strength and thermal properties
  • Reduce miss wiring

Intended Use

  • Inner and intra connection for electronic/electrical equipment and compact equipment

    Note: PTFE or PFA insulated woven cable other than ETFE and FEP insulated woven wire is also available. Moreover, woven cable consists of shielded wires, coaxial cables, and stranded cables up to 3 cores are also available. PTFE weft is preferred when heat resistance is the most concerns for properties.

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