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Up to 110GHz JUNFLON® MWX001

Flexible & Hand Formable

  • Low insertion loss and excellent phase stability against bending up to 110GHz.
  • Insertion Loss – drastically improved. (Before 13.7dB/m → After 11.8dB/m)
  • High quality signal transmission with excellent flexibility and form-sustainability.
  • Safety Lock Function adopted to preserve 1.0mm(m) connector’ s central pin.
  • Standard type armored with SUS spiral tube for mechanical damage reduction.

Cable Properties

Electrical Properties
Maximum operating frequency 110.0GHz
Characteristic impedance (typ.) 50Ω
Capacitance (typ.) 88pF/m
Propergation delay (typ.) 4.2nsec/m
Wavelength reduction rate (typ.) 79%
Max.frequency insertion loss (typ.) 11.8dB/m
VSWR (per connector / both connector) 1.197 / 1.43
Mechanical Properties
Cable outer diameter 4.0mm
MInimum bending radius (inner side) 15mm
Cable mass (typ.) 50g/m
Continurous operating temperture range -30 to +85 °c
Assembly length 100 to 200mm
Armored side pressure 157N/cm

Measurement Example of Insertion loss and Return loss (Assembly length 200mm)

insertion loss and return loss

How to connect the safety lock

insertion loss and return loss
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