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Microwave Coaxial Cable Assemblies

JUNFLON® MWX products are flexible signal transmission lines that take advantage of the remarkable properties of fluoropolymers. They are suitable for use with a wide range of frequencies up to 67 GHz.
These products feature low insertion loss and low VSWR, low signal leaks and low interference due to high shielding effectiveness, and higher density wiring for use in the narrow device interiors.
Junkosha provides highly reliable products for microwave/millimeterwave applications tailored to customer assembly needs.

MWX3 series: For wiring of electronic devices

MWX3 series Cable assemblies using expanded PTFE as the dielectric material, providing high phase stability in environments with fluctuating temperatures.
(Suitable for extended use at temperatures ranging from -65°C to +125°C (-30°C to +85°C for MWX315))
Seven cable types are available, depending on maximum usable frequency and insertion loss.

Major applications

  • Electronic devices in communication satellites and ground stations, electronic devices in aircraft, air traffic control equipments
  • Electronic devices for ships and equipments highly susceptible to signal leaks or interference

Cable types

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Cable name Maximum usable frequency Cable outer diameter
MWX311 18.5GHz 2.7mm
MWX312 18.5GHz 4.1mm
MWX313 18.5GHz 4.7mm
MWX314 18.5GHz 7.7mm
MWX315 18.0GHz 8.6mm
MWX321 26.5GHz 4.7mm
MWX322 26.5GHz 5.2mm
MWX341 40.0GHz 4.0mm
MWX342 40.0GHz 3.9mm

MWX3 Series typical insertion loss & Power rating at sea level

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