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JUNFLON® MWX6 Series : Precise skew match type

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  • Highly precise skew match cable assembly with less than 1psec skew between the two cables for measurement of digital transmission (Continuous operating temperature range : -30 to +85 ℃).
  • Low insertion loss, suitable for measurement of the high-precision differential transmission signal.
  • 4 type cables are depend on maximum frequency (26.5GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz and 67GHz).

Major applications

  • Measurement and evaluation of the USB, HDMI etc.
  • BERT measurement, Jitter measurement.

Connection example of MWX6 Series


Cable types

Cable name Maximum usable frequency
MWX621 26.5GHz
MWX641 40.0GHz
MWX651 50.0GHz
MWX661 67.0GHz
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