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Cables for Clean Environments

Technological innovations in various high-precision machinery including semiconductor manufacturing equipment have created demand for higher cleanliness (low outgas or dust generation due to cable wear) and flexibility in the cables used for wiring. Junkosha develops clean high-durability cables that meet these demands.

CleanFlex®-F type

Junkosha's Clean Flex®-F cables use a specially processed fluoropolymer sheath for its outermost layer for dramatically improved outgas, flexibility, and low-friction performance.


  • Outgas: Extremely low outgas generation compared to other materials
  • Flexibility: Significant improvements in general low flexibility of fluoropolymers
  • Low-friction: Dramatically improved low-friction performance compared to other materials

Outgassing characteristic

Outgas is quite few since CLEAN FLEEX® is using PTFE sheath.
Heat a sample in an inert gas flow. Then, trap, collect, and concentrate the gasa generated from the sample into an absorbent.
Measure the gas using GC-MS (Gas-chromatography mass spectrometer system).


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