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Film Tubes

Junkosha applies high-precision polymer-forming technologies to supply tube products whose wall thicknesses are controlled to several tens of micrometers. These tubes are used in office equipment—for example, in printers that control ink at picoliter levels and whose specifications include high-speed operation, high print quality, and compact dimensions.
To allow bonding to products, these tubes are treated with sodium etching, plasma, or corona discharge to confer hydrophilic properties.

  • Tubes include thin-wall and heat-shrinkable tubes with internal diameters ranging from several mm to approximately 100 mm and wall thicknesses of several tens of micrometers.
  • Junkosha offers heat-shrinkable film tubes featuring controllable shrinkage axes to suit various applications and tube films that add features such as adhesive inner surfaces, controllable conductivity, and ultra-thin walls.

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