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Injection-molded products

Junkosha's injection-molded products are made from PFA and other advanced-function molten fluoropolymers.
Junkosha applies advanced forming technologies to develop various injection-molded products that offer outstanding chemical, electrical, and physical properties.
Junkosha's injection-molded products are used in sensors and medical applications that require chemical resistance, cleanness, and heat resistance.

  • Junkosha manufactures products characterized by high dimensional accuracy, including mirror surface finishes of Rz = 0.03 µm and tolerances of 0.05 mm.
  • High-precision, thin-wall, and downsizing technologies help create space-saving product designs.
  • High resistance to chemicals and heat provide long service life and allow of products across a wide range of sterilization/cleaning applications.
  • Products feature flame resistance, low water absorbency, and low outgas.
  • Products offer low friction coefficients and good sliding properties.
  • Low elution and cleanness for excellent biocompatibility
  • Smooth and non-adhesive; suppresses bacterial growth.

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