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FLUORO-X® Shell & Tube series


The FLUORO-X® Shell & Tube series heat exchangers are single-pass countercurrent multi-tubular heat exchangers developed by Junkosha. Carefully selected PFA fluoropolymer is formed into tubes, after which the end sections of the bundled tubes are formed into a honeycomb shape. The tubes are then mounted inside a stainless steel shell. PFA fluoropolymer boasts a range of outstanding characteristics, including corrosion resistance, heat resistance, nonadherence, contamination resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Applying advanced fluororesin processing technologies, Junkosha has developed remarkable heat exchangers that offer improved pressure resistance, low fluid resistance, and thermal efficiency. These products offer high reliability for a wide range of applications, including heating/cooling of corrosive fluids, high-purity chemicals, and pure water, as well as corrosive gas cooling.

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