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High-barrier PFA Tube (Fluoropolymer Tube)


  • Fluoropolymer tube that displays good barrier performance.
  • Hybrid type tube which is laminated by PFA for inner layer and barrier fluoropolymer for outer layer.
  • The inner, wetted layer using PFA for semiconductors offers high quality in non viscous properties, heat resistance.
  • Barrier fluoropolymer from good barriers against hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and ammonia.
  • Retard acid penetration compared to a conventional tube.
  • The adverse effect on the ambient surrounding is decreased.
  • Retains its transparency so that liquid flowing through it can be seen for extended periods.
  • Mechanical properties equal those of conventional PFA tubes.
  • All manufacturing operations are managed to ensure clean practices, from materials supply to molding/packaging.


  • Tubes for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
  • Tubes for solar panel manufacturing equipment
  • Tubes for chemical dispense and wet scrubber
  • Tubes for chemical plant


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