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JUNFLON® Peelable Heat-shrink Tube

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What is JUNFLON®Peelable Heat-shrink Tube?

JUNFLON®Peelable Heat-shrink Tube is the industry’s first peelable heat-shrink tubing, offering time saving and process improvements in Catheter Manufacturing.
FEP Heat Shrink Tubing
vs.  Junflon® Peelable Heat Shrink tube
How to Use Junflon® PHST
in Catheter and Guidewire Manufacturing

Problems with traditional method

Removing traditional FEP-HST tubing smoothly is a serious problem in Catheter Manufacturing. FEP-HST tubing is used to weld, laminate, tip and other processes. It is necessary to remove by “skiving”, this takes a long time and there is a possibility that the catheter can get damaged. Meanwhile, JUNFLON®Peelable Heat-shrink Tube makes it easy to peel away by just inserting a 10mm slit on one end of the tube.

Key Benefits

PHST provide you with the following benefits.
Key benefits


PHST’s shrink force and temperature is suitable for polyamide-welding. It is possible to replace traditional FEP-HST easily because PHST’s shrink characteristics are essentially the same as traditional FEP-HST tubing. Also, PHST is manufactured from materials which meets USP Class Ⅵ plastics requirement.


PHST has been used successfully in the Polyamide-Welding process of Catheters and Guidewires. The following shows typical applications.

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We continually develop new products to meet potential needs. If you have any requests about heat-shrink tubing, please contact us.
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