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JUNRON® fittings Today's industrial equipment require fittings that connect fluid transfer tubes or power transmission tubes. Junkosha develops tubes and fittings, applying fluoropolymers and many other materials with remarkable properties for use across a wide range of industries.

Instant Fittings

JUNRON® Instant Fittings M series The compact, simple structure significantly reduces the time required for pipe construction.
These highly reliable fittings can be used for both JUNRON A and JUNRON U tubes. Two series are available: M series (small) and W series (sputter-resistant). These instant fittings ensure faster pipe construction than standard fittings.


  • Electro-less nickel plating is standard equipment for metal parts.
  • Screw size can be distinguished at a glance by different color seals applied.
  • Positioning of the body is possible based on the direction of the tubing.
  • The tube grip rotates smoothly in the fitting to prevent tube damage caused by tube rotation.


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