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JUNRON® fittings Today's industrial equipment require fittings that connect fluid transfer tubes or power transmission tubes. Junkosha develops tubes and fittings, applying fluoropolymers and many other materials with remarkable properties for use across a wide range of industries.

Brass Fittings

JUNRON® Brass Fittings are developed for JUNRON tubes and are tightened with union nuts.
JUNRON® Brass Fittings are available in a metric series and an inch series. Both series satisfy the JIS B8381-1995 standard, “Tube Fittings for Pneumatic Use.” They are used in automation, energy saving equipment, and industrial robots, much like JUNRON tubes. Product lines compliant with the RoHS Directive are also available.


  • The Metric series conforms to Japan Industrial Standard JIS B8381 'Tube Fittings for Pneumatic use.
  • This fitting has a insertion part that holds inside of tube, and tighten with union nut and resin cone.
  • So the connection with tube is made secure.
  • No irregularities appear in the connecting part until the tube breaks.
  • Colored screw seals by R(PT)screw size are provided.


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