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JUNRON® fittings Today's industrial equipment require fittings that connect fluid transfer tubes or power transmission tubes. Junkosha develops tubes and fittings, applying fluoropolymers and many other materials with remarkable properties for use across a wide range of industries.

Stainless Fittings

JUNRON® Stainless Fittings are stainless steel fittings made of highly corrosion resistant SUS316 designed for use with JUNRON and JUNFLON tubes.
Offering high pressure resistance, they are suitable for use across a wide range from temperatures.
Available in two series: one for fluoropolymer or nylon tubes and another for polyurethane tubes with built-in sleeves in the union nuts.


  • The body is constructed entirely of highly corrosion resistant SUS316 to allow use with corrosive fluids and in rust-proof pipes.
  • The connecting part maintains its functions until the tube bursts.
  • The union nuts do not require torque-controlled tightening.
  • US2 series using union nuts with built-in sleeves are available for flexible tubes such as polyurethane tubes.


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