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Deggassing module : MBS module


Demand is growing for greater precision in the field of analytical chemistry. High-purity fluid analysis with advanced analyzers requires the removal of dissolved gas using high-performance degassing modules. Junkosha provides compact, high-performance degassing modules.

  • Made from fluoropolymer with oxygen permeation coefficients 80 times that of PTFE, this nonporous degassing module is highly resistant to chemicals.
  • This compact degassing module is made using high-density, high-precision honeycomb-shaped microtubes.
  • Compact dimensions allow easy installation to pipe lines and deployment of the unit at locations close to the point of actual use.
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • To prevent fluid contamination, all sections that come into contact with fluid are made from low-metal-elution fluoropolymers or fluoroelastomer.
  • Nonporous membrane eliminates clogging.
  • The numerous models offered for use in various environments and for various applications range from low flow-rate units (2 ml/min) to high flow-rate units (100 ml/min).


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